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Higher Mind Program
Now Open for Enrolment

New Ways of Thinking and Being for
the Next Stage of Humanity's Evolution

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3 x FREE Higher Mind Pre-Training Sessions

Hosted by Victoria Wilding & Robert Cobbold

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  • Why Higher Mind matters and how you can develop it.

  • How Higher Mind will help you in all areas of your life.

  • What it means to master Presence.

  • How you can gain Self- Mastery.

  • Why Presence is essential.

  • The limitations of your current cognition.

  • How you can create models of complex reality.

  • More about the Higher Mind program experience.

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CEO/Founder of Higher Mind Initiative

Victoria, Founder and CEO of the Higher Mind Initiative is leading the world in the development of a new level of psychological management and its significance to the future of life on the planet. She founded the Higher Mind Initiative with the single intent to serve transformational leaders to develop their social, emotional, spiritual and cognitive capacities consciously and intentionally. 


She sees these capacities as essential to envisioning and building new systems and making an impact in the world. She offers an extensive body of knowledge in consciousness, higher cognition, complexity and leadership. Her clients over the past 22 years include visionaries in media, technology, education, economics, health, finance, and governance.


Founder, Conscious Evolution 

Rob is a philosopher and educator who has delivered transformative educational experiences to over 40,000 young people worldwide. Robert is a big picture thinker working at the intersection between science and spirituality, inner and outer transformation.


In his work, Robert aims to help participants develop the cognitive complexity and inspiration to diagnose and address climate change, using experiential learning and analogy to bring systems to life. He is founding editor of Conscious Evolution and has trained as a Prosocial facilitator.

What is Higher Mind?

Higher Mind is the next evolution of thinking beyond the limitations of abstract rational cognition.


It is the thinking that will usher in a new collective intelligence which will radically improve the quality of life for all of humanity.


It is the thinking that will envision and build new global systems as the obsolete paradigms are dismantled.


It is the thinking that transcends the limitations of habitual thinking to equip you with mental models that more fully represent your potential and the complex reality you inhabit.


It is the thinking that gives you access to infinitely more of who you are moment by moment in every area of your life.


Are you ready to access a new way of thinking and being?

  • Navigate complexity with ease.

  • Create without limitation.

  • Achieve effortlessly and in flow.

  • Relate with empathy and compassion.

  • Experience freedom in every moment.

  • Lead in Presence.

Higher Mind Program

It is glaringly apparent that, to be successful (and indeed survive) over the long term, humanity needs to transition to a whole new way of thinking and being.
Higher Mind Initiative’s signature program Higher Mind is all about developing a new way of thinking and being to ensure future evolutionary success. 
To access Higher Mind, you need to first master Presence and Meta-Systemic Cognition.


Mastery over Presence and Meta-Systemic Cognition is a pre-requisite to develop the ideas and solutions which will replace our obsolete global systems.

Collaborating at Work

Helping You Navigate Complexity

No matter how brilliant, it is no longer adequate to rely only on abstract rational thinking. Success in modern economies demands the ability to build new mental models of how complex systems unfold through time and to then use these models to identify optimal actions.


Higher Mind helps you develop the higher cognitive capacities necessary to craft the best possible strategies in extremely complex environments comprising interpenetrating economic, social, political and governmental systems. 

Writing a Sticky Note

Join us for a Transformative
Learning Experience

Higher Mind is designed to be deeply transformative. Through experiential exercises, practices and self-reflection you are equipped to be exponentially more effective in the world. 

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