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Higher Mind Program

A Transformative Learning Experience

Program Enrolment Open Now

The Program

In the Higher Mind program, Victoria Wilding will be taking you through a transformational learning experience journeying deep into both Presence and Meta-Systemic Cognition, to develop the capacities you will need to envision and build new global systems.

In order to help you access this transformational learning experience you will receive two interactive, experiential, self-reflective training modules. These trainings will be your foundation to making the transformation you desire.

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What You Will Learn

The training focusses on equipping you with the capacity to:

  • Triumph devoid of conflicting drivers and desires

  • Demonstrate how once you are no longer at the dictates of your thoughts, emotions and motivations you develop wiser, more intelligent, more effective ways of functioning

  • Strategise in complex environments

  • Access higher cognition (meta-systemic cognition)

  • Develop new models to represent complex processes so you can influence, control, manage, intervene and predict in difficult environments

  • Demonstrate the limitations of abstract rational thought in managing complex reality

  • Access meta-systemic cognition for complex strategising 

  • Identify where your thinking is deficient and where it can be improved and to generalise a higher cognitive capacity in any complex area of your life

What's Included

  • Two Learning Modules (Presence and Meta-Systemic Cognition) 

  • Ten Interactive, Experiential Learning Sessions

  • Access to one-on-one mentoring and Q&A sessions.

  • Life long membership to the Higher Mind Network.


PLUS the Following Bonuses


Enrolment is Open Now!

On a Video Call

Module One: Presence

Below are the key elements of what you will learn and discover in each of the 5 sessions:

Session 1: Understanding the Limitations of Your Current Self

  • Achieving your preferred outcomes is often undermined by the dictates of your emotions, thoughts, motivations, desires, drives and distractions.

  • Your ability to freely implement strategies is limited by your current thinking

Session 2: Developing a Dis-embedded Higher Self

  • How to free yourself from the dictates of your emotions, thoughts, motivations, desires, drives and distractions.

  • The limitations of current approaches to freeing you from the dictates of feeling and thinking.

  • With practice you can observe your thoughts and emotions so that they no longer dictate to you.

Session 3: Dis-embedding in all Life Circumstances

  • To stand outside your thoughts and feelings.

  • To cultivate a more productive, wiser and aware state than being embedded.

  • That being dis-embedded and in Presence is the foundation for higher cognition and the key to dealing with complexity

Session 4: Dis-embedding in the Face of a Major Life Challenge In Real Time

  • How to remain dis-embedded from your thoughts and emotions when faced with a recurring major personal challenge in real time.

  • What it means to access “dis-embedding” in real time.

Session 5: Dis-embedding from a Value you Hold Strongly

•    Achieving your preferred outcomes is often undermined by the dictates of your emotions, thoughts, motivations, desires, drives and distractions.

•    Your ability to freely implement strategies is limited by your current thinking

Module Two: Meta-Systemic Cognition

Below are the key elements of what you will learn and discover in each of the 5 sessions:

Session 6: Understanding your Current Cognition​

  • Reality may not be what you perceive or think it is. 

  • To access your higher cognitive capacities.

  • To develop strategies to achieve your personal and professional potential.

Session 7: Understanding the Limitations of Abstract Rational Cognition

  • To understand complex reality you need to dis-embed attention from a narrow analytical focus and move attention to the parts of reality that are overlooked by abstract rational cognition.

Session 8: Meta-Systemic Cognition and Major Complex Challenges

  • To apply the Four Quadrants of Dialectic and Mind Openers to overcome a complex major life challenge that you are facing.

Session 9: Meta-Systemic Cognition in all Life Circumstances

  • ​How to develop and apply meta-systemic cognition in all areas of your life.

Session 10: Finalising Your Higher Mind Action Plan

  • How to take action in the world to improve effectiveness in all aspects of your life.


Program Details

Interactive,  Experiential, 
Self-Reflective Learning

  • Higher Mind is a self-paced program.

  • You complete exercises and submit your responses at the end of each of the 10 sessions.

  • You create an Action Plan at the completion of Module 1 and Module 2 which are reviewed with your mentor.

  • You receive four 90-minute one-on-one mentoring sessions.

  • The program is intentionally designed to allow for you to contemplate and integrate the learning at each stage of your transformation.


You receive four 90-minute mentoring sessions during the program to discuss your progress and to review your Action Plans which you develop as part of your learning experience.

Community Learning and Support

You share your Higher Mind experience and insights with fellow participants.

Program Options

Full Program Offer

Self-Paced Transformational Learning Experience

Four 90-minute one on one mentoring sessions

Access to bonuses 

Access to Higher Mind Network


Price  $USD500 

Scholarship Offer

Invitation only

Everything from the Full Program Offer

Access to bonuses 

Access to Higher Mind Network

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Are You Ready?

We have designed a self-reflective questionnaire which will help you learn more about your openness to self-directed change including:

  • Change in thinking

  • Change in emotional responses

  • Change in values

  • Developmental change in general

  • Extent of cognitive orientation


The questionnaire is intended to move your attention around and give you a taste of what you can expect in the program.

It is not a pre-requisite for participation in the program.


Please enter your details in the form below.


We will send you a copy of the ‘Readiness Questionnaire.”


You can reflect on your responses and decide whether you are ready for the program.


If you are ready and wish to proceed, simply click Enrol Now to begin the onboarding process.

Expresso of Interest Form

Readiness Questionnaire

Enter your details below to receive a copy of the “Readiness Questionnaire.”

Thanks for submitting!
  • What is the vision of the Higher Mind Initiative?
    The vision is to advance human development. The initiative is focussed on the development of higher cognitive and social-emotional capacities. These are essential if humanity is to deal effectively with the challenges it faces. Current ways of thinking and being are incapable of solving the complex environmental, social, cultural, economic and political problems that are troubling the planet.
  • What action is the Higher Mind Initiative taking to advance current thinking?
    Training the higher capacities that will constitute the next great steps forward in the development of humanity Investigating techniques, practices, and educational approaches to develop higher capacities in humanity Creating strategies that will accelerate the spread of these capacities across humanity
  • What does the Higher Mind Initiative offer?
    Self-paced online training programs to cultivate higher capacities Mentoring to integrate advanced thinking A community of like-minded peers to share and spread Higher Mind
  • What program does the Higher Mind Initiative currently offer?
    The Higher Mind Initiative currently offers the Higher Mind program.
  • Will I receive proof of completion of the Higher Mind Program?
    Once you have completed each module of the training you are asked to complete and submit an Action Plan. Following the review of the final Action Plan you receive a personalised Certificate of Completion verifying that you have successfully completed the program.
  • What languages is the Higher Mind Program presented in?
    At this stage the program is only delivered in English.
  • What are the pre-requisites for participation in the Higher Mind program?
    There are no pre-requisites for participation in the program.
  • Does Higher Mind Initiative offer any other programs?
    At the moment Higher Mind Initiative offers the Higher Mind program, however our intention is to deliver a number of other programs.
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