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CEO/Founder of Higher Mind Initiative

Victoria is a passionate change activator known for coaching, mentoring, and educating individuals with big visions and radical insights for change.

Higher Mind is her breakthrough work synthesizing practice and knowledge around presence and meta-systemic cognition. The potential of her practice has profound potential for the future of humanity.

Victoria believes humanity needs to consciously and intentionally develop its social, emotional, and cognitive capacities to affect sustainable change.

As a prominent advocate for the advancement of human consciousness, Victoria has dedicated the past twenty years to studying, teaching, coaching, and mentoring changemakers and influencers through her role as Founder and CEO of the SHIFT Foundation and Symplicitus, and Founder of the Higher Mind Initiative.

Prior to pursuing her two-decade pursuit of understanding human consciousness and systems change, Victoria held senior roles at major global businesses such as Epson, HP, and Hayes. Victoria has also been a trusted advisor to CEOs, Boards of Directors and senior executives of global firms including Shell, Kodak and Telstra, as well as Australian State and Federal Governments.

While Victoria brings enormous and credible knowledge and experience to the table, her real magic exists in her presence. Victoria is wildly irreverent, fun, and always a straight shooter. Her unparalleled ability is to get right to the heart of a matter with profound compassion and breathtaking clarity.

Victoria is an active contributor to global networks of leading thinkers and practitioners including the Global Leadership Network, Inter-developmental Institute, Growth Edge Network, Global Business Network and Tallberg Alumni.

I have been exploring, studying, and mapping emergent systems and consciousness for over two decades.

From a period of intense creativity in my early forties emerged a vision to prepare the world’s future leaders with the capacities to envision and build new global systems when the systems as we know them dismantle. This vision led me to embark on a quest to uncover and synthesise wisdom from disparate fields spanning neuroscience, psychology, adult ego development, consciousness, systems thinking, and spirituality to discover the capacities.


It was also the start of a deep dive into my own developmental journey.

From my quest, emerged a deep insight into what those capacities are and how I might guide and support future leaders to envision and build the new global systems.

After more than twenty-two years I have worked with and supported hundreds of evolutionary leaders in the development of their cognitive and spiritual capacities to both lead themselves and others.


Higher Mind brings together all that I have learnt over that period into an online program that will scaffold your transformation and equip you with the capacities you need.  I want to share them with you. 


If you have a burning desire to stand in your own power and effect transformation within global systems, I will be there to guide and support you.

Higher Mind is an experiential journey through consciousness that involves mastering presence and meta-systemic cognition. I will show you how to move beyond the limitations of abstract rational thought to understand much more of the complex reality you inhabit.


You should know that my approach is unlike most others. While I teach Higher Mind, I teach from Higher Mind.  I am irreverent, playful, deeply honest, and powerfully authentic. The experience will reflect the very capacities you will develop.


And while this process is multidimensional, it is also very grounded. You will walk away with a very clear action plan for integrating these new capacities into all aspects of your life.

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