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Who is Higher Mind for?

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Who is Higher Mind for?

Right now, around the world, there are thousands of young leaders who possess an immense desire to positively impact the world and reinvent systems that no longer sustain humankind on this planet.


To call them leaders seems limiting, because they don’t always represent what society currently thinks of as leaders. Sometimes they inhabit roles within organizations or sectors, but even in those cases, they think and operate well beyond these roles.

We call these people evolutionary leaders because they are standing on an evolutionary threshold for humanity—both in the microcosm of their communities and the macrocosm of the planet.

You may know one of these people, or even be one yourself. You are highly creative, think globally, have planetary-level visions, and enjoy spending time in complexity.

You honor intuition, access wisdom beyond traditional channels, and are hungry to learn and grow. You are highly sensitive to change around you and perceive insights from unexpected sources.

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But there’s a problem

Several perhaps. Our current systems are not easy places for evolutionary leaders to reside or flourish. Systems aren’t aware of their limitations or the need to change. They can easily remain stuck and will sabotage most efforts to bring new perspectives.


Attempts at innovating existing systems will only be met by barriers. Yet, as you’ll discover, these barriers are both in the system itself and in the consciousness of the people inhabiting the system.


This work inevitably becomes isolating. Leaders feel maligned, judged, and find it hard to communicate their ideas in ways that are understood by others.


In short, evolutionary leaders often have a great intuitive compass but lack a map for navigating this threshold of change and the new territory that is emerging.

Does this sound like you?

If this is you, then Higher Mind is an incredible opportunity to step out of your current reality and into a supported space of profound understanding.

You will enhance and develop your own cognitive capacities and develop the skills, confidence, and experience needed to show up and communicate your bold ideas for change.

Along the way you’ll meet other people who align in heart and mind, forming a global community that will open new pathways and opportunities for your life.

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Being the change in the world

More than any benefit you receive for yourself, you’ll be able to walk back into your organisations, communities, and countries with a powerful map to help guide others across the threshold of change.

You’ll see the systems around you change as you bring others along the journey.

Feeling alone and isolated will be a thing of the past. Higher Mind will take you from sitting on the sidelines of change to leading from the centre with love, compassion, and higher wisdom.


I have known and been working with Victoria Wilding for fifteen years. Victoria recently helped me connect more deeply with my life direction and how I could take my service to the next stage of growth and impact. Victoria has a remarkable ability to strip away all that isn’t serving and bring attention to what is most important. Presence is her greatest gift. 


Victoria can do this work for others because she has done it for herself. I’ve witnessed her remarkable growth over the past fifteen years. Victoria has found incredible clarity and powerful language for the process of developing higher mind.


Her process not only helps you arrive at new thoughts, but more potently helps you develop new ways of thinking. Victoria leads people beyond the fear-based rational and abstract thinking that has shaped human consciousness to date.

In its wake, you’ll experience thinking from a truly meta-systemic level. And at risk of sounding sappy and hyperbolic, this thinking is grounded in a kind of catalytic love, instead of fear and resistance.  It is thinking that will genuinely and literally take you to new places. In Victoria you’ll find someone who is deeply authentic, wildly irreverent, and magically herself. In her presence, you cannot help but be your complete self also.

- Benny C

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